Lat. 46 deg. 3'      Long. 74deg. 32'




Here is the main observatory MIRABILIS. The tower is 11 meters (33feet) high and connects with the house through a passageway used as a control room and an office. A 1x1 meter concrete pier, anchored in the rock, goes up to the dome floor and serves as a pier for the telescope.

  From the control room, a door gives access to a set of stairs and a ladder. The entry in the dome area is through a trap door that closes to become part of the floor.


domedome partiellement ouvertThe fiberglass dome is a shell type and can be opened fully or partially depending on the need by a nylon strap on each side. It is on rollers and can be rotated.

                              couroie                    Roulettes                        Poulie

In addition at the back of the house, a smaller telescope (See equipment) is permanently mounted. It sits on a 6 inch pier anchored in the rock and is protected by a rolling wooden shelter.

Belvédère  Belvédère d'en haut